What's a Zero Balance Account?

A Zero Balance Account Service* provides an automatic means of combining funds for disbursement or deposits in order to maximize the use of cash. With a ZBA service, you’ll operate using two types of accounts:

Master Account:  Master accounts provide automatic funding to all the ZBA accounts called sub-accounts. Funds are consolidated and deposits are swept to the master account daily.

Sub Accounts:  The sub-account is maintained at a zero or specified target balance and funded automatically from the master account to cover daily debit activity. Deposits are automatically transferred to the master account at the end of each day.

The Advantages:

  • If your business maintains several accounts, a Zero Balance Account allows you to have a single source for disbursements. This process can eliminate accidental overdrafts, inaccurate bookkeeping and the confusion of juggling several sources of outgoing cash.
  • Your main accounts reach maximum earning potential by consolidating balances.
  • You can easily audit the transaction history of the master and sub-accounts.

Talk to a Northwest Business Services Advisor about establishing a Zero Balance Account Service for your business. Visit our cash mangement page to learn more about our Zero Balance Accounts.