Going Digital: Simplify Your Financial Life

Tired of all the paper, time, trips to the bank and headaches that go into keeping your financial life in order? Mobile and digital tools make banking much, much easier.

Mobile and online banking can be intimidating, and we’ve all heard horror stories about security risks. But with a little homework, you can be savvy and safe.

Take a look at how mobile and online banking can simplify your financial life:

  • Mobile and online banking save time and trips to the bank because you can do your banking wherever you have access to a computer or mobile device. View account balances, transfer funds and make deposits, payments and more.
  • Use online bill pay to save on envelopes and postage.
  • Mobile banking uses your mobile device to give you 24/7 access to your accounts so you can transfer funds, pay bills and get important account information. And now, with mobile deposit, you can deposit a check without making a trip to the bank.

Set up alerts to notify you when a payment is due, when your balances are low and other reminders.

Life’s hectic enough. Let a little technology help. Visit our online and mobile banking page to learn more!

Data charges may apply based on your mobile service provider.