Facilities makeover: It doesn’t have to be extreme.

As a business owner, you know you can’t just sit back and let your business run itself. You constantly look for ways to improve the bottom line, run the business more efficiently and find innovative ideas to better serve your customers. That usually means investing in your business: new technology or equipment, marketing and advertising...and facility upgrades.

Facility upgrades are often overlooked or fall toward the bottom of the list behind more urgent or more “bottom-line” needs. But they can make a huge difference in how your business is perceived, help save money and energy and even boost employee morale.

Now is a great time to take a cold, hard look at your facilities – inside and out – and determine what changes you can make, both aesthetic and operational.

Consider making upgrades that lower energy and operating costs. These changes can also improve the indoor environment and reduce your impact on the outdoor environment. New lighting, heating and air conditioning systems are good examples. Such upgrades might qualify for rebates or tax breaks.

Consider ergonomic office furniture. Sitting for hours can wreak havoc on the spine, back and neck, and repetitive movement like using a mouse and keyboard can cause injury – all of which leads to decreased productivity and more sick days. Ergonomic furniture is designed to better fit the body, providing a more comfortable working environment that is safer and more productive.

A splash of color can be a breath of fresh air. A new coat of paint or a few pots of colorful annuals near the front entrance – particularly if you have a retail storefront – provide a welcoming vibe. Do you have large display windows? Have them professionally washed on a regular basis. For the inside of your business, choose colors that invite relaxation or stimulate creativity, particularly in areas frequented by customers. Spring for some comfortable chairs and big plants – maybe even a fish tank.

Something as easy as adding a few picnic tables out back tells your employees you care about them. Gathering spaces encourage your staff to stick around at lunchtime and spend time relaxing with each other, leading to more of a “team” environment (and, often, shorter lunch hours!).


If you need help creating a budget for facility upgrades, contact Northwest Direct at 1-877-672-5678 or visit your local office.