Employee wellness programs: protecting your most valuable asset

It’s been said that a company’s best asset is its staff. And you always want to protect your assets, right?

Healthier employees cost companies less money. They take fewer sick days. They’re more productive on the job. Their morale is higher. Attrition rates are lower. That’s why investing in your employees’ health, safety and well-being – in the form of an Employee Wellness Program – can be a very good idea, both for your employees and your company.

More and more companies are setting up worksite wellness programs to promote and support healthy lifestyles. These programs can contain many components, including health screenings and risk assessments, workshops, health fairs, walking groups, fitness classes, smoking cessation classes and even incentives.

To start a wellness program in your company, first be sure to determine your company’s liability on all levels. Next, put together a committee that represents all levels of employees and management and conduct an assessment to determine your employees’ needs, interests. Investigate whether there are any local companies you can team up with to make your program more successful, such as a local grocery store or fitness center.

Get the word out to your employees – in a positive, supportive, excited manner – via emails, posters in break rooms, payroll flyers and more, so they clearly understand what is available to them and why their buy in to the program is important to the entire company.

Once you implement the program, be sure you continually evaluate it to determine its success. Regular updates to employees will keep them motivated and encouraged as well.

Investing in your employees’ health and welfare can pay off in many ways, today and every day.