Invest in your employees!

Employees feel valued when they have opportunities to receive professional education, training and attend networking events. Offering to help employees expand their knowledge and understanding within their career increases engagement and enhances their sense of connection to your business.

The majority of American employers offer some form of tuition assistance program. Research shows that employers can find candidates that are more educated and productive when they offer additional education options.

Educational or networking programs can be cost-effective, too. Check to see if any of these suggestions work for you:

Explore state employee-training programs. Some states assist employers in strengthening their competitive edge by offsetting the costs of job-skills training.

Investigate higher ed options.Invite local colleges or universities to share information about online professional and skills development training programs. These sessions can offer affordability for you and flexibility for your employees.

Establish an internal mentor program. The positive impact on employee loyalty and retention is an immeasurable win-win – and it’s no extra cost. Mentors hone leadership and coaching skills, and mentees gain career development and other support.

Collaborate with community groups. Create skill- and leadership-building opportunities. Many non-profits welcome teams or individual volunteers through local businesses.

Share new information regularly. Encourage engagement across departments, divisions or desks. While the main focus of your business is to drive employees to meet business goals, making your company a great place to work will foster a culture of success.