Banking on the go.

Summer is a busy time—soccer games, camping, family outings and vacations keep you on the go. During the busy summer months, you don’t always have time to make it to your bank. How do you take your banking with you while you’re on the run?

Whether you’re relaxing on the beach, bouncing between sporting events or taking a summer road trip, Northwest’s Mobile and Online Banking services allow you to monitor all of your accounts in one place. Let’s see how easy it is to have banking access at your fingertips.

Online Banking
Once you sign up for Online Banking, you’ll be able to view account balances, transfer funds, view and print statements and check images, make payments and more wherever you have a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Mobile Banking
After enrolling in Online Banking, search Northwest Mobile in the app store and get started accessing your account information, transferring funds, paying bills and more from the convenience of your mobile device.

Mobile Deposit
Save time this summer by using our Mobile Deposit service. You’ll be able to make quick and secure deposits into your account using your smartphone or tablet. Select the “Deposit Check” option in your mobile app, sign your check, snap a photo and submit your request. The service is free and you will receive an email notification when the request is sent and again when it’s approved.

Text Banking
Unable to connect to the internet? Don’t worry—Text Banking allows you to complete simple transactions through the SMS interface of your mobile phone.
You will need to enable your accounts and create account nicknames in the Account Preferences section on the Online Banking Preferences page at

  • To check balances, text the command BAL to 226563 to return all accounts. Text BALANCE followed by the appropriate account nickname to return a specific account.
  • To view transactions, text the command HIST followed by account nickname, to 226563.
  • To transfer between accounts, text the command XFER followed by “from” account nickname and the “to” account nickname and the amount.
  • To request assistance, text the command HELP to 226563.
  • To opt out of mobile banking, text the command STOP.

To get started, visit Online Banking to enroll in Online and Mobile Banking. Your carrier’s mobile data or text charges may apply.