Five cost-saving tips for building your dream home.

Building the house of your dreams can come with a hefty price tag. Here are a few ways to avoid overspending:

Find a good architect. Shop around. Ask questions. Don’t settle until you have an architect who shares your vision.

Bid out your costs. Home blogger Jeff Rose notes that he saved $40,000 by bidding out his home-building project.

Know who’s doing the work. Builders may subcontract some of the work on your home. Check references on any specialists to ensure their skills before signing a contract.

Make a ‘non-negotiable’ list. Dreaming of raw stone walls or a wood-fire oven? Deem a particular luxury “non-negotiable” so you and your builder can cut other costs.

Go green. ENERGY STAR® appliances offer substantial cost savings and environmentally friendly building materials or tactics may qualify for tax credits.

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