Securing your retirement

Do you have a plan to secure your financial wellbeing as you grow older? If not – and you’ve been told this before – you should. A solid plan will help you gain the benefits that come from properly managing your money.

Start by assessing your current situation. Understand what you’re dealing with today before focusing on tomorrow. How much money do you have in savings? How much debt do you have? Determine other financial needs: college education for children, replacing a vehicle, improving your home or simply creating a savings security blanket.

Do your homework. According to “How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?” on, most people will need anywhere from 50 to 70 percent of their current income to maintain their standard of living when retired. Figure out your number – now you know what your target must be.

Consider a professional. In most cases, it’s unrealistic to think you will be able to manage the work necessary to execute a seamless retirement plan. Consider a trusted financial advisor who can guide your savings and investment efforts.

Don’t wait. Every paycheck is a missed opportunity! The earlier you start to save, the easier the process becomes in the long run.

Review your retirement plan regularly. Once you put your plan in motion, be sure to speak with your financial advisor on a quarterly or bi-annual basis so you can adjust for any major life or market changes.

Northwest offers Investment and Trust Services to our customers. Our experts receive ongoing training and do not receive commission or brokerage fees that would bias their advice for your finances. Our goal is the same as yours: to see your investments grow.

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