Accessibility Policy

At Northwest Bank, we’re committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels accepted, safe, seen and heard. As part of that, we provide services and solutions that are accessible to everybody. Whether you’re visiting us in an office, banking online, using our mobile app, or calling our customer service department, we strive to ensure a positive experience.

Accessible Facilities:
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, all Northwest locations are reviewed to ensure we’re providing accessible parking, signs, entrances and other amenities.
  • Customers who are unable to reach a standard teller window will find signs in our branches that indicate where accessible stations are available.
  • Customers can request headphones to plug into the ATM for hearing assistance.
  • Northwest ATMs are equipped with braille signage.

Assisting Consumers with Hearing or Speech Impairments

In-Person Assistance

Accommodations can be made to assist consumers with hearing or speech impairments who enter Northwest Bank facilities and require assistance.

Telephone Assistance

To help hearing or speech-impaired people communicate, we offer reliable relay services and telephone caption services to ensure smooth and accessible communication. We are happy to support customers through the use of any relay service, providing them with the necessary assistance they need. Our telephone caption service is designed to assist individuals who require captions during phone conversations. To utilize this service, customers must have the necessary device set up at their homes.

Assisting Consumers with Visual Impairments

In-person Assistance

Accommodations will be made to assist consumers with visual impairments who enter Northwest Bank facilities and require assistance. Website

The public website for Northwest ( is compatible with the following screen readers:
  • NVDA for desktop devices
  • Voice over for iOS devices
  • Talk back for Android devices

Large-Font Statements

Upon customer request, Northwest will issue statements with large-print font.  Only available for checking, savings, and money market accounts.

Braille ATM/HSA/Debit and Raised Embossing Credit Cards

Upon customer request, Northwest will issue braille ATM/HSA/Debit cards and raised embossing credit cards.