Shape Your Company’s Future.

Trust Services

We offer a range of services to help you shape the vision of your company’s future.


Legacy Planning

As a small business owner, we can help you manage risk and control the most valuable asset in your financial portfolio to ensure it’s protected and passed down the way you’ve planned.


Succession Plan Development

You’ve worked hard to build or grow your business. That’s why it’s important to ensure it will live on long after you step down.

We’ll work closely with you — along with your accounting and legal teams — to ensure your buy-sell agreement accurately reflects your wishes. And when it’s time to pass your business along, we’ll be there to facilitate a smooth transition to help keep your business on track.


Escrow Services

When your property (including cash, securities, insurance policies, and valuables) must be held until mutually-determined conditions are met, we can help guarantee performance of an action or the delivery of goods or services. No matter if your transaction is simple or complex, we’ll oversee matters such as:

  • Investment of funds
  • Appraisal of non-cash assets
  • Distribution of funds
  • Performance verification
  • Activity reports
  • Tax reporting
  • Fund transfer
  • Asset reporting


Endowments and Foundations

When your small business needs experts to empower your goals, we can manage your accounts and assets. Northwest Bank's prudent investment management can be combined with our best-in-class custodial services to safeguard your assets now and into the future. 

Combined with our partner, Stellar Technologies, we can provide account-level detail for donor-advised funds or similar situations requiring multiple account tracking without separate investment objectives. The solution reduces your company’s overhead and helps you focus on your charitable passions.

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