Security Breach: Is your company at risk?

No matter how large or small your business, it can be susceptible to security risks. Mobile devices, remote work locations, a greater reliance on third-party vendors and even social media make your company’s exposure to possible security breaches a real concern.

Be proactive. Develop a digital security plan immediately. The loss of sensitive information can put your company at risk in many ways, causing devastating results for your business and creating hassles, legal fees and credit nightmares.

Don’t panic! There are best practices that can keep you safe:

Education: Stay abreast of specific types of threats, like viruses, phishing, malware and more. Stay updated as new threats emerge.

Don’t fall in love with a password: Hackers are experts at cracking passwords, particularly weak and vulnerable combinations. Create random, unique passwords, change them regularly and never pass them around – especially in emails or shared files on products like Google Drive.

Keep the hardware safe: Remind employees not to leave laptops, mobile phones or other company devices unattended, particularly in public places. Never leave these devices in a car, even if it’s locked.

Be smart on social: Establish a company-wide social media policy and stick to it. Remind your employees that even when they are using their personal social media accounts they still represent your company and should not discuss company business.

Didn’t ask for that email? Don’t open it: Never open an email attachment from an unknown sender. It’s the easiest way to download a virus.

Ask for help! If you believe a breach has occurred, report it immediately to an information technology professional. The sooner a breach is detected, the less harm it will be able to inflict.