Does your business need mobile pay?

Does your business take you to trade shows, festivals or home parties? Do your customers often not have cash? Are you hesitant to accept checks? Your business needs mobile pay.

With mobile pay, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a credit card reader – allowing nothing to get in the way of your business transactions.

At Northwest, we offer two mobile pay options:

Clover Mobile Pay

With Clover Mobile Pay, you can choose between a web-based program, which requires you to input card information, or an app with a card reader device, which reads info with a single swipe. Both allow you to accept real-time payments wherever you have wireless coverage.

Why Clover Mobile Pay?

  • The web-based program, app and card reader are compatible with Apple, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices.
  • Includes secure login, fraud protection tools and SSL encryption technology.
  • Customers instantly receive e-receipts.
  • Receive real-time mobile processing and reporting.
  • Program is easy to use with 24/7 customer support.

VeriFone PAYware Mobile

To use VeriFone PAYware Mobile, all you have to do is slip your smartphone or tablet into a special sleeve to swipe cards, capture signatures, electronically submit payments and email customer receipts.

Advantages of VeriFone PAYware Mobile include:

  • Accepts all forms of electronic payments (magnetic stripe, PIN and contactless-enabled cards and phones).
  • Offers end-to-end cardholder data protection with a card encryption reader and integrated compliant PIN pad.
  • Includes built-in barcode scanner for product scanning, coupons and inventory.
  • Ability to customize app for your business needs and integrate customer data for digital coupons and loyalty programs.
  • Provides quick-start services and support provided.

Does your business need mobile pay?  Visit our merchant services site to learn more!