We value diversity, equity & inclusion.

Driving DEI into every corner of Northwest

As the bank where people make the difference, we care about all of our coworkers, customers and neighbors and act with their best interests in mind. Together, we know we have the power to help people reach their career and financial goals – and the opportunity to improve their lives. In 2020, we created our Inclusion Council, dedicated to driving DEI efforts into every corner of our organization, and in 2023 we added a Chief Inclusion Officer to our leadership team.

Our Inclusion Council Positioning Statement 

At Northwest, we’re the bank where people make the difference. With this as our foundation, we face each day as one, embracing our unique perspectives to spark creative solutions. Knowing that we’re better together, we will evolve and grow – to strive for understanding, empathy and trust, while building a workplace where we all feel accepted, safe, seen and heard. Because at Northwest, your experience, your talent, and your voice matter. Here, you belong.  

Inclusion Council Membership 

Our 20-member council is comprised of Northwest employees from diverse backgrounds, roles and geographic regions.

Inclusion Council Committees 

Messaging and Metrics
Focused on collecting and evaluating demographic information to make recommendations to fellow Inclusion Council members and Northwest leadership, and on educating Northwest teams about using inclusive messaging across content and channels.

Community Engagement 
Works to create cultural awareness and celebrations through internal and external activities and volunteerism. We are actively seeking opportunities to increase our presence and build awareness of our core values.  

Inclusion and Retention
Works to infiltrate DEI principles and knowledge into the organization through training initiatives and employee resource groups representative of our current and prospective employee populations. 

Attraction and Recruitment
Works to provide suggestions and recommendations to continuously improve our corporate diversity metrics by identifying opportunities to improve our recruitment efforts and providing education and training for hiring managers.

We offer several employee resource groups and plan to launch several more in the future, based on employee interest and need. These groups are designed to build community and be a sounding board for the organization by raising awareness on key issues, providing support and feedback and sharing their cultures and values. Each ERG's purpose is focused on achieving progress and opportunities across four key pillars:

  • Community: Empower our employees to give back to their communities
  • Career: Help our employees grow and develop their diverse talents.
  • Commerce: Help drive innovation in our products and services
  • Culture: Help create a work environment that is inclusive of all

Each ERG has two co-leads and an executive champion who helps to guide the ERG and to facilitate events/activities. The inaugural ERGs and their missions are:

  • Next Level Professionals: Dedicated to promoting a diverse, collaborative working environment where professionals of any age can come together for guidance and support, develop a sense of community, and find personal and professional fulfillment.
  • LEAD for Women: Foster positive and inclusive environments for women and influence policies and procedures that make a more equitable and welcoming work environment. Offer support and camaraderie, strengthen confidence, and provide a sense of belonging to members of the group.
  • Community of Color: Serve all team members of Northwest Bank and our communities by elevating and prioritizing the unique needs of People of Color in the workforce and in the community, including employees, volunteers, interns, and partners.

A diverse workforce creates opportunities and brings forth unique concepts and abilities. It is not about checking boxes. DEI is engrained into every stage of the hiring strategy from attraction to engagement to retention and expanding on consideration of skill sets. Northwest is open to all. Building an authentic, diverse team that represents many experiences and skills is essential to our values and success.