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Absolute returns - not relative returns - matter most. At Northwest, we care about your bottom line.

Our Philosophy

We are professional financial advisors who help you invest your money. We offer comprehensive, strategic financial guidance and insight to help you achieve more with your money.      

Each investor has unique needs. We offer a broad range of investment products and services. We’ll use our many years’ experience to customize an investment plan just for you, focused on lower portfolio risk, increased long-term performance and smoother returns.

Because the market and your personal situation often change, we’re always available to review your portfolio for free.

Mutual Funds

At Northwest, we have access to thousands of professionally managed funds. Every mutual fund has a professional money manager who invests in stocks, bonds or money-market vehicles to grow the value of the fund and/or produce income for its investors. Let us recommend our preferred funds.

Managed Money Solutions

We offer multiple advisory platforms, each with different features and benefits, providing a wide array of advisory options. You will have access to outside managers, strategists and personalized advisors.


Whether you’re looking for an investment vehicle that provides a stable income stream or market performance with risk protection, we offer a diverse set of annuity options that can meet your needs.


We can recommend solutions to help protect assets you have grown.