News Feb 26, 2024

Northwest Bancshares, Inc. and Northwest Bank Name Douglas M. Schosser Chief Financial Officer

Education | June 10, 2024

How to Take a Customer-Centric Approach to Your Payment Solutions

A customer-oriented payment solution is one key component of creating a seamless and convenient experience. And choosing the right solution offers benefits far beyond customer loyalty and retention.

Perspectives | June 06, 2024

National Small Business Month Q&A with Jonathan Smith

Small Business Administration (SBA) loans can be an ideal solution for entrepreneurs looking to finance their existing or future small business ventures.

Education | June 04, 2024

How To Use Your Bank As A Financial Coach

Your bank is more than a place to deposit your paycheck, withdraw cash or inquire about a loan — it’s also one of your best resources for personalized financial support.

Education | May 06, 2024

What Do Dropping Interest Rates Mean for Your Business

Here’s how the coming rate cuts may impact your business, as well as three strategies you can leverage to set your business up for success.

Education | April 24, 2024

What Banks Look for When Qualifying a First-Time Homebuyer

Read on for expert tips from three of Northwest’s community lending officers to help you apply for a mortgage — and create a brighter financial future in your first home.

Education | March 12, 2024

Why Creating a Cash Flow Statement is Critical to Your Business

When small business owners connect with Northwest Bank to ask about business loans and other commercial products, Myles Bremke wants to see one document in particular — their cash flow statement.