Spotlights | December 22, 2023

Northwest Bank Season of Giving Team Member Spotlight: Traci Unal

In the fast-paced world of commercial banking where deal-making and transactions often take center stage, there are individuals who are committed to making a meaningful impact beyond the negotiating table. One such leader is Traci Unal, Northwest Bank C&I commercial relationship manager serving the Lancaster-Lebanon and Dauphin communities. As a seasoned commercial banking executive, Traci believes in giving back to the community. Her passion and obligation to pay it forward shine through her dedicated volunteer work with organizations like the Salvation Army, Kiwanis, Habitat for Humanity and WEPA.

Traci has always believed that success in the business world comes with a responsibility to uplift the community. With a heart for service, she has seamlessly integrated philanthropy into her demanding professional life. For Traci, community engagement is not just a checkbox on a corporate social responsibility list; it's a personal mission to make a tangible difference.

One of Traci's most cherished commitments is her involvement with the Salvation Army. Known for its unwavering dedication to helping those in need, the organization resonated with her values of compassion and social responsibility and as a current board member, Traci lends her support to many of the organization’s committees, projects and campaigns. Whether it's collecting the red kettles during the holidays, providing transportation for employees and volunteers, organizing food drives or participating in fundraising events, Traci has become an integral part of the Salvation Army's efforts to provide a lifeline for the vulnerable in the community. As a bonus this holiday season, Traci also plays a crucial role in distributing and delivering toys to families through the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. For many years Traci has been the key organizer and coordinator of this initiative for not only the Salvation Army in Lebanon County, but for all of Northwest Bank in South Central PA.

In addition to her work with the Salvation Army, Traci is actively engaged with Kiwanis, a global organization dedicated to serving children and communities. Through her involvement in Kiwanis, she has participated in initiatives focused on education, health and community development. Traci recognizes the importance of nurturing the next generation, and her involvement with Kiwanis reflects her commitment to creating a better future for children in her community.

The desire to create a lasting impact led Traci to join forces with Lancaster Lebanon Habitat for Humanity. This organization, renowned for its mission to build homes and transform lives, aligns perfectly with her vision for community development. Traci has not only dedicated her time to helping construct homes but has also served on committees to support Habitat for Humanity's ambitious projects.

Lastly, Traci is a dedicated supporter and volunteer of the Lebanon-based workforce development organization, WEPA Empowerment Center Inc. In addition to supporting WEPA’s programs and initiatives, Traci has also put in some “sweat equity” for the agency by volunteering to help clean and furnish its building.

Traci's commitment to community engagement stands as a beacon of inspiration for others in the corporate world. By weaving philanthropy into her professional journey, she exemplifies the transformative power of compassion and service. Through her volunteer work with the Salvation Army, Kiwanis, Lancaster Lebanon Habitat for Humanity and WEPA Empowerment Center, Traci is not just a banking executive—she is a catalyst for positive change in her community.

As we celebrate leaders like Traci this holiday season, we are reminded that true success is measured not only by financial achievements but also by the positive impact we make in the lives of those around us.

Happy Holidays!

From, Northwest Bank

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